Enabling & Disabling Administrator, Operator and Reviewer Privileges

Access to Administrator menu for issuing Administrator(s), Operator(s) and Reviewer(s) privileges, click on the Administrator icon as indicated in Figure A below.

Figure A: Select access to the Administrator menu and Privilege features

Enter the designated Administrator Username and Password as show in Figure B

To Create New Account, enter Administrator or Operator First Name, Last Name Username, Password and (retype) Confirm Password as per the green arrows in Figure C below and confirm by clicking on the Add System User.

Figure C: by clicking on Create New Account Tab will provide dialog to enter new account info

The Account Management tab in the Administrator Settings allows view of privileges assign to Users (System Access) and Admin Access as shown in Figure D below. The Administrator can issue or revoke (Enable or Disable) privileges which will provide or deny access to Admin, System (user/operator) and Remote Review Access on external remote computer.


Figure D: by clicking Account Management Tab provides view of privileges to System Access (users), Admin Access and Remote Review Access.

When Privileges are GRANTED a warning dialog comes up for confirmation. When System Access to User is revoked DISABLE a warning a warning dialog comes up for confirmation as show in Figure E below.

Figure E: Administrator GRANT Administrative Privileges or DISABLE operator System Access

The Administrator can create new Accounts for Users/Operator with Access to the system Operation privileges and new Accounts for additional Administrator(s). Admin Access and/or User Access can be revoked by selecting the Enable or Disable options as indicated in the Green arrow in Figure 13 and the Figure above.

If the Administrator Disable User Privileges and confirms (click Yes) to the warning massage in Figure E above, the software confirms the Admin update as show in Figure F below.

Figure F: Software confirming the assigning or revoking of privileges