First Time Use

Follow the steps below to start using your WRI-1 from Cellview for the first time, which includes a brief overview of how-to setup the administrative features and settings.

1. Turn “ON” the Camera main power switch.
Turn “ON” the laptop Capture Station. The laptop will automatically (by default) boot itself to the WRI-1 Cellview Software screen as shown in Figure 9 below.

Figure 9: Start up screen – requires entry of temporary Username & Password

2. To Start - enter the temporary “Username” and temporary “Password” to start the System Software 

⦁ the Temporary Administrator Password:  CellviewAdmin2022
⦁ the Temporary System Password for WRI Camera: WriCamera2022
⦁ Click Login as shown below in Figure 10

Figure 10: Click Login to start the WRI system software

3. The laptop software will automatically start the following:

⦁ Initializing the Camera including the validation of all the system functions and performance
⦁ Connecting to the laptop to the Microsoft Azur Cloud Server

⚠️NOTICE: All system settings, tests & verification and all Log files are recorded and stored in the laptop and can be reviewed via the Cellview Service Server.

4. Access to Administrator menu for issuing Administrator(s), Operator(s) and Reviewer(s) privileges, click on the Administrator icon as indicated in Figure 11 below. 

5. Enter the temporary provided Administrator Username and Password as show in    Figure 12

  • The Temporary Administrator Password:  CellviewAdmin2022
  • the Temporary System Password for WRI Camera: WriCamera2022

Figure 12: Enter temporary Administrator Username & Password

6. A new (temporary) Administrator Account will be setup. The Administrator needs to change the temporary Username and Password with his/her choice of Username and Password by creating a New Account see Figure 13 below.

Figure 13: by clicking on Create New Account Tab will provide dialog to enter new account info

7. To Create New Account, enter Administrator or Operator First Name, Last Name Username, Password and (retype) Confirm Password as per the green arrows in Figure 14 below and confirm by clicking on the Add System User.

Figure 14: enter fields for new Administrator and or Operator and click the Add System User tab

8. The Administrator can create new Accounts for Users/Operator with Access to the system Operation privileges and new Accounts for additional Administrator(s). Admin Access and/or User Access can be revoked by selecting the Enable or Disable options as indicated in the green arrow in Figure 13 and Figure 14 above.


Figure 15: Administrator GRANT Administrative Privileges or DISABLE operator System Access

9. The Administrator can also Enable or Disable User Privileges as show in Figure 16 below.

Figure 16: Software confirming the assigning or revoking of privileges

10. Downloading WRI-1 Review Stations:

The WRI-1 provides users with the ability to review retinal images and patient data on unlimited computers or laptops to ensure doctors and clinicians can access patient information from any location.

Review station software and installation steps can be found via the following link: