Patient Positioning & Alignment

The image above shows proper patient alignment to the camera. The patient eye position B must be aligned to chin-rest eye level marker A and the camera lens C, and all must be at the same height. The patient forehead must be positioned in the middle of the “forehead rest” support band (6). The patient eye must be positioned approximately adjusted to the height of the Eye Position Marker (A) which is done by adjusting (rotating) the chin rest support (10) up or down. The camera head with the ophthalmic (objective) lens C should be positioned at the height of the patient eye using the slit lamp joystick with the lens placed in the examined eye center of the pupil. The operator can observe the joystick fine movements by observing first the patient eye on the monitor and as the camera approaches the right position the full widefield of the retina will be presented on the screen. Prior to capturing the retina image with the capture button on the joystick, the operator must ensure that the retinal image is properly focused utilizing the system motorized focusing. The selected refraction correction as set by the focusing motor is displayed in diopter on the screen.