Review Captured Images, Zoom & Compare

The user to Review, Zoom and Compare the last captured image with previously captured retinal images. Note: the user can compare up to 3 different retinal images side by side on a single screen with or without Zoomed images.

Zoom - The user can utilize the variable Zoom (magnification) capability by clicking on the “Magnifying Glass” icon marked by the red circle in Figure 35 below.

Figure 35: Zoom capabilities are activated by clicking on the “Magnifying Glass” icon marked by the red circle

- The magnification is variable and can be increased by clicking on the (+) or decreased by clicking on the (-) marked by the green circles. The Zoomed window can be placed at any area of the image and moved by clicking and dragging the zoomed window with the mouse or trackpad (see blue arrow) in Figure 36 below.

Figure 36: variable Zoom (magnification) control button marked by (+) and (-) as shown in green circles. Zooming area of interest marked by the square (blue arrow) can be dragged into any area of interest.

Image Compare can be done by clicking on the Compare tab marked by the green arrow in Figure 37 below. The User can select the images to Compare by clicking on up to 3 images Compare in a single screen view. If needed each of the images can be also zoomed as well as show in Figure 38a and Figure 38b shown in the next page.

Figure 37: Selection of the Compare features marked by the green arrow

Figure 38a: Three images compared on a single screen

Figure 38b: Three Zoomed images compared on a single screen

Patient Image review - When the User or Reviewer selects a specific patient out of the Patient Database, the images of the specific patient appear on the side of the patient’s name in thumbnails with the total number of the save images displayed as show in Figure 39 below.

Figure 39: a selected patient from the patient list will display the previously captured images in thumbnail on the side of the screen.

Clicking on the patient’s name (green arrow) in Figure 39 will open the images filles for full review as show in Figure 40 below.

Figure 40: Clicking on the Patient’s name in the patient list (on the left) will open the Patient’s Image files and display all the captured images (on the right)

Patient Details
by clicking on the tab marked by the green arrow the operator has access to the patient details including ability to add or update the Patient Notes. If the Patient Details are just reviewed the user will click on the Close tab, if the Patient Details were added the user will click on the Save tab as show by the Green arrows in Figure 41 below.  

Figure 41: Patient Details, review and Close or Add notes and Save