Transferring, Editing and Deleting Patient Records

Patient Records – each Patient Records are accessible to the Administrator by clicking on the Patient Records tab as shown in Figure G and selecting a specific Patient name. Once a specific patient name is selected, the Administrator can Delete Patient Record (A) or Edit Patient Record (B).

Figure G: Selecting a patient from Patient Records with a choice of Delete Patient Record (A) or Edit Patient Record (B)

Retinal Images tab in Administrator Setting allows the Admin to Transfer or Delete image(s) between patients. The Admin select the patient name on the left side of the screen, their images will be displayed in the middle of the screen in thumbnails then the Admin selects to which patient name on the right they wish to transfer the selected images by clicking on the selected name. By clicking on the selected image and the transfer icon marked A with the green arrow the transfer will be executed as show in Figure H below. The Admin might also select to Delete All tab or Transfer All tab images by clicking on the corresponding tabs.

A warning massage for verification of the image transfer is displayed on the left and a confirmation of the transfer is displayed once the Admin confirmed their request Figure I. 

Figure I: Image Transfer Warning displayed (left) and confirmation of Image Transfer (right)