Non-Mydriatic WRI-1 Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imager

Non-Mydriatic WRI-1 Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imager

Superior image quality. surprisingly affordable.

The advantages of having Cellview's Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imager are:
  • Increase practice and organization throughput and workflow
  • Assist in the early detection of ocular disease, such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy
  • Simple and easy image acquisition, even in difficult-to-image patients

With the WRI-1 from Cellview, eye care practitioners have the resources required to detect early signs of ocular disease more effectively and efficiently in comparison to a traditional eye exam.

The Future of Affordable Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging Is Here.

The Non-Mydriatic Ultra-Widefield WRI-1 from Cellview provides operators with the most powerful diagnostic tool yet for examining the retina and far into the periphery. Producing a retinal image up to 133° in a single-capture, or 200° automated 2-stitched image, the WRI-1 penetrates the deepest layers of the eye, even through cataracts, small pupils and other media opacities, to capture clear and accurate retinal images.

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Become a Cellview Member and unlock the full potential of the WRI-1. The cornerstone of Cellview’s mission centers on making exceptional diagnostic devices more accessible and affordable. As such, we offer two purchase options tailored to your needs and the needs of your organization. Becoming a Cellview Member, under the ‘Pro’ subscription purchase option, allows you to gain access to our advanced features and telemedicine capabilities!

See all the benefits of becoming a ‘Pro’ Member below:

Unlimited cloud storage of patient data and images

Fully automated image and patient data upload and download to safeguard the database in the event of a hard drive failure. Cloud storage includes encrypted features and robust security measures to ensure all patient data is safe and secured. Unlimited storage provided, which allows users to avoid alternative storage methods that are often costly. Unlimited cloud storage of patient data and images.

Unlimited remote image and patient data review

Embedded capabilities that allow for network connectivity,for both remote image and patient data review, on unlimited computers or laptops to ensure doctors and clinicians can access patient information from any location. Unlimited remote image and patient data review.

Local server offered to allow for uninterrupted examinations

Improves practice workflow and efficiency by allowing for uninterrupted patient examinations, given users do not need to rely on an Internet connection to access to data or operate the system. Local server offered to allow for uninterrupted examinations.

Remote service diagnostics and system performance monitoring

Daily monitoring of system functions to guarantee optimal device performance, as well as remote software service diagnostic capabilities to avoid the need for an onsite technician if issues are encountered. The Cellview Team can remotely examine and address software issues,thereby circumventing the costly and timely process of having a technician diagnosis the device onsite.

Remote software updates and upgrades

Remote software updates and upgrades provides users with the most advanced and newest features as they become available.

Overnight device replacement of failed systems

In the event that a device is down due to hardware issues, which cannot be addressed via Cellview’s remote service diagnostics system, a replacement system will be expressed couriered overnight to customers to ensure that the practice or organizations operations are not interrupted, and patients can continue to be examined.

Full visible spectrum with true color and infrared imaging

Users can select a variety of image capture modalities based on their requirements, including Full Color, Red-Free, Red only, Green only, Blue only, Infrared or any combination. The WRI-1 advanced imaging capabilities assists in the diagnosis and follow-ups of retinal diseases, such as diabetic retinopathy (DR), age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and other ocular pathologies, where true color is important.

Review True Color & Image Modalities

Track pathology changes over time with confidence

  • True Color
  • Red Channel
  • Blue Channel
  • Green Channel

High Resolution. High Performance.
Low Cost.

High resolution red-free filtering enhances visualization of retina vasculature, blue images provideimproved view of the Nerve Fiber Layer (RNFL) and red channel allows light to penetrate into thedeep layers of theretina. External eye imaging can document eye surface and cornea conditions.Stereo viewer technology creates improved 3D perception of the disc. The mosaic function option automatically combines different retinal fields without user intervention, creating panoramic views up to 80°.

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